Nature Rune Running can be a profitable, yet slightly risky, way of making ample amounts of money. You get 2 nature runes per pure essence you deliver. For example, an inventory of 25 essence grants you 50 nature runes. An inventory of 41 essence (using pouches) grants you 82 nature runes. Requirements

There are virtually no requirements. You can do it at level 3. There are various paths you can use depending on your combat level and additional skills. I recommend the following. 1. Decide on your method (General store, abyss, or fairy rings) 2. Join the clan chat "Ffdn36" 3. Ask if there is a crafter. 4. Grab the required items 5. Proceed to run your chosen method. 6. Energy or Super energy potions. 7. Minimum of 1k pure essence and 50k gp.

Warning 1. Follow the Chat rules 2. Sometimes Player Killers will attempt to kill those running the abyss route, always carry a teleport tab and hope they splash their tb. 3. If running the general store method, beware jungle snakes and tribesmen, their poisons hit constant 11's. Carry an antipoison.

NEVER 1. Carry more than you'd care to lose 2. Attempt to pk nature rune runners, as there are several players who know how to fend off pkers. 3. Steal a glory. If someone dies in abyss and you loot the glory, please return it.