Flesh CrawlerEdit

Flesh Crawler's are found on the second level in the Stronghold of Security, low level players usually choose to train on these monsters because they are agressive towards the player when they first enter the area and also because of their very frequent and high drops of Iron Ores (noted), Fire Runes, Dust Runes and a large variety of herbs.

As well as having quite a large drop table Flesh Crawlers are also quite weak for their level having a max hit of 1-2 meaning players dont have to pay as much concern to their hitpoints getting below the half way point. However even though their max hit is very low they seem to hit quite frequently so for lower level players or 'Pures' wishing to train there it would be advised to bring a few bits of food.

With the release of Runescape 07 flesh crawlers became quite a popular training point and money gathering point, for players who also managed to get a moderate level in herblore (high enough to ID ranarr and above) this area proved to be quite a quick way for money due to the fact players who had not yet trained their herblore up would just gather the noted/rune drops and leave the unidentified herbs on the floor.

Drop ListEdit

  • Body Runes (3-12)
  • Nature Runes (5)
  • Dust Runes (2-23)
  • Fire Runes (42)
  • Herb (Guam)
  • Herb (Marrentill)
  • Herb (Tarromin)
  • Herb (Harralander)
  • Herb (Ranarr Weed)
  • Herb (Irit)
  • Herb (Avantoe)
  • Herb (Kwuarm)
  • Herb (Cadantine)
  • Herb (Lantadyme)
  • Herb (Dwarf Weed)
  • Coins (Amount Varies)
  • Iron Ore
  • Iron Ore (Noted 1-10)
  • Ashes
  • Uncut Sapphire
  • Uncut Emerald
  • Uncut Ruby
  • Rune Javalin (5 Very Rare)
  • Black Full Helm (Rare)
  • Silver Bar
  • Bottom Of Sceptre